Peter started playing trombone at the age of 10. The Bass Clef intrigued him so much that at the age of 14, he picked up the bass guitar. Soon after that, he started forming his own groups. During high school, he formed a band that performed and placed second in the talent show his junior year. As a junior and senior, he studied Music Theory and started writing his own music and lyrics. At the age of 17, Peter connected with some other like minded gentlemen and resurrected the band Exxit. Peter also continued playing in contemporary church groups for several years. February 2008 marked the start of a project he later named, Gypsy Stone, in which he has managed since.

Lisa fell in love with music at an early age.
She loved to sing and entertain at her family’s reunions and other functions.
While she attended McNicholas High School, she started performing in her school musicals.
After high school, Lisa enjoyed singing in her church choir as a first soprano. She still enjoys this today with her new found mentor, her vocal coach. This training has offered her the opportunity to increase her vocal range to belt out riveting leads and great harmonies. During the grass roots of Gypsy Stone, she was content on singing harmonies, but after a couple years, she took the front spot and hasn't looked back.   

Jay Hurt – Drummer 

Lisa Hartman - Lead Singer


 David, the original traveling Gypsy,
grew up with Ryan in Tyler Texas and started playing and studying guitar very young.
David also studied the Martial Arts which taught him discipline and concentration. David has used his life lessons and has written and recorded hundreds of songs and instrumentals.
He is a student of Gypsy Jazz which enhances his techniques and style.
David has traveled around the world playing music.  

Dan White – Guitarist 

Peter Hartman - Bass & vocals

Dan picked up a guitar at an early age and never looked back. Dan landed a gig as the lead guitarist with The Shadowbox Cabaret, a performance troupe that self-produced a wide range of shows, including original rock operas, traditional musicals, contemporary dance, and video/television. Dan played at The Shadowbox Cabaret for 12+ years and over 2000 shows. Dan has also performed and recorded with original rock band, Lorenzo and local Irish drinking band, Whiskey & Stout.
Dan is excited to bring his talent and be a part of Gypsy Stone.

Gypsy Stone

The road less traveled

Every band has a beginning.  Gypsy Stone, is one of trial, tribulation, and corrective actions.  Our first gig took place in a small town outside of Cincinnati Ohio. A woman took the stage when the world told her it would never happen. But with a supportive husband standing behind her on the bass, the story had only just begun. The guitar starts, the hit of a kick drum, the lights shine, and then you hear it.
It was a voice that leads to Nashville. The idea for the band started on that stage, and so began the search for the right talent, personality, and sound.

Different names, different sounds and the names multiplied inside the basement rehearsal space. All with their own reasons for being here, money, a chance for stardom, etc. The right talent took over 60 months of trial and error to find the members to deliver the promise that is Gypsy Stone today, a party band with attitude.
The band debuted at a church festival in July, 2008 and Peter gave the band the name, "Gypsy Stone" And you ask for the meaning to the name? A mix of music covering country and rock-n-roll. Over the next few years, the band played their own versions of cover songs around the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Playing covers is fun, but not enough.
In the spring of 2012, they started working with an Indie label in Nashville, TN. “Prophesy" was our first collaboration.
With this task accomplished, a bigger dream was born. In the fall of 2012, song ideas were pitched, 10 songs were chosen to fit their style to perfection.
Studio 19 in Nashville, TN, was where their new dream began of an original collaboration, and that's where “Brownsville” was born.

The future lies in front of us!