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Labor Day Weekend 2013

Gypsy Stone would like to thank the Benton Co. Chamber for allowing the Gypsies to perform before David Ball. Photos are on the Gallery page!


1. Dancing in God's Country

2. Don't Fall In Love
3. As Soon As I'm Over You
4. It Reminds Me of You
5. It Already Hurts
6. Under the Summer Sun
7. He Reminds Me of You
8. Cowboy Up

9. Beautiful Day

10. I Can't Get a Grip


~~We would like to thank our fans for a fantastic summer. The summer of that started on the Ohio River in New Richmond Ohio and took us down to Nashville Tennessee to play during CMA Fest 2014.

We feel blessed for what the last year has brought us. Our “News” page is going under some changes, and should be updated very soon! We have some very exciting news coming. So stay tuned!!